Survival Family 2016

Survival Family

Survival Family

Survival Family Shinobu Yaguchi was the director of the film in 2016. Japanese comedy/dramatic Survival Family (sabaibaruhuamiri Sabaibaru famiri). It was produced by Takashi Ishihara and Minami Ichikawa and Kiyoshi Nagai. The film was selected to be part of the 2016 International Film Festival & Awards in Macao.

The film is centered around the main protagonist Yoshiyuki Suzuki (played by Fumiyo Kohinata) family. The entire city is in panic when the electricity stops working because of the solar flare. Yoshiyuki is the leader of the family to persevere and survive. The family is used to being spoiled by modern urban living. But, they are forced to live with the harsh reality of a post-industrial Japan in which the lack of electricity has led everyone to rediscover the olden ways of life that aren’t dependent on technology.

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